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Play with Freshplay and get a Free Vacation Getaway for Two!


Get a free vacation valued at $250 USD when you play with Freshplay. The Vacation Getaway For Two includes 3 days/2 nights deluxe hotel accommodation at any of 25 exciting destinations in the U.S. Go to Las Vegas and stay at great hotels like the Sahara, the Tropicana, and New York New York. Head to Reno or Atlantic City and get in the gaming action! Relax on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, go wild in New Orleans, kick back in Lake Tahoe - choose any of the fabulous locations, it’s totally up to you! And it’s yours free for playing with Freshplay.


Get a Great Bonus and a Free Vacation!


Freshplay Network has arranged a number of exclusive bonus deals with some fantastic online casinos and poker rooms. So not only will you get a great sign-up bonus with an online gaming site, you’ll also receive a free vacation.


To receive your Free Vacation Getaway, simply sign-up at a minimum of one of the recommended gaming destinations listed in the chart below and complete the requirements of the promotion. You must follow the link through Freshplay Network to qualify; see the complete rules & terms of this promotion below the chart. You’ll receive the bonus money AND the free vacation!


Gaming Site Free Money Bonus Offer Wager Requirement
Oceans Casino $10 100% up to $100 15 x [deposit + bonus]
Scarlet Poker - 25% up to $100 125 Points / $1 of bonus
Casino On Net - 100% up to $200 20 x bonus
Pacific Poker - 25% up to $100 20 x bonus
Casino Las Vegas - 100% up to $100 12 x [deposit + bonus]
Dublin Bet Casino - 100% up to $50 37 x bonus
Golden Palace Casino - 25% up to $100 20 x [deposit + bonus]
Golden Palace Poker - 300% up to $300 125 Points / $1 of bonus
Online Casino - 300% up to $300 20 x [deposit + bonus]
Bingo Liner $5 100% up to $100 3 x deposit
rules & terms

To qualify for the Free Vacation Getaway:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older
  • You must only click the recommended gaming links listed on Freshplay
  • You must select casinos and poker rooms where you have NEVER had a PLAY or REAL money account
  • You must make one of the following minimum deposits and meet the gaming site minimum wager requirements:
    • Casinos: $75 USD [or equivalent in your currency]
    • Poker Rooms: $50 USD [or equivalent in your currency]
    • Bingo Rooms: $25 USD [or equivalent in your currency]
  • When filling out the vacation claim form, you must provide: your name; shipping address; the name of the gaming site you selected; the date you registered at the gaming site; the username/player ID you used at the gaming site; and the amount of money you deposited
  • You CAN sign-up at as many recommended gaming sites as you choose
frequently asked questions

What is Freshplay Network?

Freshplay Network is an online gaming portal featuring casino, poker, education & promotions. The most important thing in the business of online gaming are players. Gaming sites thrive on bringing new players in at all times to increase in size and replace players that leave the sites; gaming sites require a constant inflow of new players. Since player base is so important, online gaming sites will pay for new customers; that's where affiliates come in. Gaming affiliates bring new customers to the gaming sites, and share the money they make with the customers. Freshplay Network includes some of the largest affiliate sites on the Internet and has the most lucrative promotions available with online gaming sites such as Oceans Online Casino, Scarlet Poker, Shack & Roche, Casino On Net and Pacific Poker just to name a few.


Why should I use Freshplay Network?

You should use Freshplay Network because of the value of our gaming properties, education systems and our vacation promotion. If the gaming sites want your business, you should get something in return for giving it to them. In exchange for giving playing at a gaming site through Freshplay Network, you can receive a free vacation in exchange for opening a new account. Another good reason for using Freshplay Network is safety. It's easier to trust your business with a gaming site if Freshplay recommends them. If you have a problem with a particular gaming site, it's good to have Freshplay on your side. Freshplay Network can help customers if they encounter problems with online gaming sites.


How can Freshplay Network offer a free vacation?

Freshplay Network works with top travel agencies who create vacation packages with some of the best travel partners in the industry including Sheraton, Hilton, Royal Caribbean, United and American Airlines. Because of their close working relationships with these partners, and because Freshplay Network deals in such large volumes on vacation packages, the deep discounts are passed directly on to you, the customer.


What is the vacation package? Does it include airfare? Can I bring our children on the vacation?

The vacation package includes 3 days and 2 nights deluxe hotel accommodations in one of 25 US destinations. It does not include airfare; however, when you receive your vacation package, you can make flight arrangements directly through the travel partners at a great discount – all details on how to do this are included in the package you’ll receive. It is intended for married couples or cohabitants and up to 2 children. There is a small charge of $10 USD per night per child.


If I receive the free vacation from Freshplay Network, can I still get a cash bonus from the site?

Yes you can! In fact, when you sign up for a gaming site via Freshplay Network, you will often get a BETTER cash bonus as Freshplay negotiates the best possible deal for its customers. This is in ADDITION to the free vacation you receive from Freshplay Network. You are also still eligible for all reload bonuses and promotions at all the gaming sites.


Sounds good! How do I sign up and receive my free vacation?

Qualifying is easy. You simply click on a link from the list of recommended gaming sites [you must click on only the links Freshplay Network provides], download the gaming software, register a new real money account, make your initial minimum deposit, then complete the wager/play requirements for that gaming site. You then return to Freshplay Network via the links in the first e-mail we sent you and click on the “Redeem” section. You simply fill in the form with all the details and submit it to us. Freshplay then verifies that you have qualified and your vacation package is mailed directly to you.


What are the wager/play requirements?

Each gaming site requires that you satisfy a certain amount of wagering/playing in order to claim your free vacation. At casinos, this means you have to meet certain bonus wager requirements, while at poker rooms, it means you have to play a certain amount of “raked hands” at a certain value; the details of the requirements are listed on our site beside each recommended gaming site link, as well as on the site of the specific gaming site you’ve chosen to play at.


What are casino bonus wager requirements?

Casino bonus wager requirements are a measure of the amount of wagering you do. For example, a casino may offer a 100% bonus up to $100 on your initial minimum deposit; in order for you to cash-out, the casino requires you to complete a certain amount of wagering. This is usually calculated by adding the deposit you made to the bonus amount you received and multiplying it by a certain factor. It might look something like this: [deposit + bonus] X 15. Using the above example offer, you made a $100 initial minimum deposit and you received a $100 bonus. Your wager requirement would be: [$100 + $100] X 15 = $3,000. Once you have met this wager requirement you will be able to cash-out.


What are poker room "raked hand" playing requirements?

"Rake" is how poker rooms make money. When the players complete a hand of poker, the poker room that is hosting the game will keep a certain percentage of the pot, usually 5% up to $3. The actual amounts differ between sites and levels played. A hand is not counted as a raked hand at most sites until the total amount in the pot reaches $5. For some sites, any hand where you received cards and the pot reaches $5 you receive credit for one raked hand. For other sites, you do not get credit for a raked hand unless you contributed money to the pot yourself. Each site then sets a minimum number of raked hands for you to complete before you can cash-out.


How long do I have to complete these wager/play requirements?

The requirements are different based on the gaming site you choose, and range from 30 to 60 days.


Is there a limit to the number of free vacations I can receive?

Yes there is; you are able to receive one free vacation per year for yourself. However, if your spouse or significant other signs-up at a different gaming site than the one you signed up for, and fills in the claim form with their information, they will also receive a free vacation. You can also refer your friends and extended family to Freshplay Network and they are also eligible to qualify for the free vacation. Freshplay will soon be introducing bigger vacation packages, including cruises and Mexican vacations, and you will also be able to qualify for these in the near future.


If I have any more questions, how do I get them answered?

You can e-mail Freshplay by clicking here to get your questions answered.

redeem your vacation great vacation destinations

Choose your Free Vacation from these 25 Great Places

Las Vegas, NV

Reno, NV

Atlantic City, NJ

Daytona Beach, FL

Destin, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Orlando, FL

Charlotte, NC

Myrtle Beach, SC

Ocean Ridge, SC

Williamsburg, VA

Newport, RI

Ocean City, MD

Durango, CO

Flagstaff, AZ

Lake Tahoe, AZ

Pagosa Springs, CO

Palm Springs, CA

Sedona, AZ

Nashville, TN

Smoky Mountains, TN

Branson, MO

San Antonio, TX

New Orleans, LA

Oahu, HI